We are a family. First and foremost Saddleback started in 1982 as a family-owned business. We are proud that its original values are still in place and the company continues to be run and managed by the same family. We are a team. Our team is a long-term group of amazing individuals who continue to inspire us every day. The perk is that we all actually like each other (most days) and enjoy coming to work every day. We hope you feel this when you speak to us over the phone, get an email response from our customer service or receive your order packed with care. We are entrepreneurs. We surround ourselves with like-minded people who love to create. For this reason we never think inside the box. It certainly isn’t as much fun as thinking outside the box, is it? Take a look at any of our new covers, new catalogs or new products- I bet you will not find another company willing to take risks and have as much fun as we are having. We are thinkers. It doesn’t matter where you work within our corporate culture, you are expected to think – and make your job the best it can be (and the person who has the responsibility of making coffee each day- THANK YOU). We are learners. We all learn something from each other and are open to it each and every day. We are dedicated. Dedicated to you; the customer. Dedicated to the end-user; the student. Dedicated to our content; creating the highest quality materials at the lowest possible cost. Dedicated to our design; we really DO judge a book by its cover. Dedicated to our team; if we support each other, our success is limitless. We are Saddleback Educational Publishing and we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with every interaction you have with us.