Paul Thompson


This edition of Natural Speaking continues the tradition of providing students who are beyond the false beginner stage with fun and interesting English practice. This 15 unit edition has many more dialogue ideas and a rich plethora of pair work and group activities covering a wide range of topics. There are also now more listening activities than ever, 31 in fact. The material is suitable for most students in the mid-teens to young adult range. Natural Speaking The material in Natural Speaking is highly flexible, so that teachers can easily adjust the degree of complexity to match the level of their students. Most activities require some language input from the students, which means that the language content of the activity will reflect their level. Basic structures and expressions are provided to give assistance, but students are encouraged to go beyond the printed page. When students need to know more, they are expected to obtain information from their teacher or other students. Learning, therefore can develop at a natural pace, and in a more natural speaking environment.


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