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    • ISBN: 9784910167237
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For Class Book 1 and Home Book 1

New Finding Out is a multi-skill course for elementary school children of all ages, particularly children who have a different writing system in their native language. It works well even when the children have little time to learn.

The approach used in New Finding Out is rooted in constructivist psychology. A carefully staged language syllabus is scaffolded through child-centered activities where the children are immersed in learning English. The approach is designed to build children’s skills in achievable steps in a way that stimulates their curiosity and enables them to become independent, inquisitive learners of English.

Level 1

Builds a firm foundation in listening, speaking, reading and writing centered on a step-by-step approach to phonics

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Pages: 98
Languages: English
ISBN: 9784910167237
Author: David Paul
Publisher: Language Teaching Professionals
Place Of Publication: Japan
Published: 12 Dec 2020
About Author
  • David Paul
    David Paul
    David Paul is an author and teacher trainer. He is originally from Weymouth, UK, studied at Cambridge, and lives in Hiroshima, Japan. His books include New Finding Out, Songs and Games Phonics, Communicate, Motivate, Communication Strategies, Teaching English to Children in Asia, Discover English, Discover The World, Discover the Universe. He is a strong advocate of applying constructivist psychology in the classroom.
About Publisher
  • Language Teaching Professionals
    Language Teaching Professionals was founded in 2010 to carry on the work of David English House in supporting the professional development of language teachers. It is owned by David Paul and supported by a group of language educators. There is full information at https://ltprofessionals.com . Language Teaching Professionals is also the central office for ETJ (English Teachers in Japan), a volunteer group that supports teachers in Japan.