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Grammar Practice (2020 digital update)

Worksheets for 212 Interactive Grammar Activities

  • It's big.
  • It's packed with one-page handouts.
  • It's photocopyable!

Each page is focused on a single point of English grammar, from very basic matters such as subject-verb agreement with "to be," to complexities such as real and unreal conditional and reported speech.

There are three main types of exercises:

  • question and answer
  • fill in the blank
  • pairwork

Many of the exercises are to be used in-class, but many may be assigned as homework. mart On each handout, there is minimal explanation of grammatical structures and rules because, as the title suggests, the point is practice. As a practice book, it offers page upon page of focused work on developing the fifth skill, "grammaring." *

The 195 exercises are too numerous to list, but they are grouped in the following categories:

  • Basic Morphology, Phrase Structure, and Word Order
  • To Be
  • Present Tense
  • Past tense
  • Future Tense
  • Modal Verbs
  • Phrasal Verbs

Other Verbal Structures

  • Passive Voice
  • The Noun Phrase
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbials
  • Clauses

* Diane Larsen-Freeman (2004), Teaching Language from Grammar to Grammaring. Boston: Heinle ELT Cengage Learning.

An Answer Key for all of the grammar activities is now printed in the back of the book. For those using the first edition, we will keep the answers here on the book's webpage.

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Pages: 260
Languages: English
ISBN: 9780866473750
Author: Martin Jacobi
Publisher: Pro Lingua
Published: 20 Apr 2020
About Author
  • Martin Jacobi
    Martin Jacobi
    Martin has been teaching ESOL for three decades (with both the academic degrees and scars to prove it). He’s taught in Mongolia, South Korea, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Hawaii, New York, and Oregon. He had his first ESL book, imaginatively entitled Grammar Practice, published in 2010. Besides teaching, Martin loves traveling, cooking, and getting filthy in the garden. He lives with his beautiful wife, his two handsome sons, and a small flatulent dog in Bend, Oregon.
About Publisher
  • Pro Lingua
    Pro Lingua is a small publishing company located in Brattleboro, Vermont. We dedicate ourselves to producing superior language teaching materials. We sell our books directly to teachers and schools and through all bookstores and major distributors in the United States and overseas. Our full catalogue of materials is also available here in our website bookstore at www.ProLinguaAssociates.com. A bit of philosophy: At Pro Lingua, our objective is to foster an approach to learning and teaching which we call Interplay, the interaction of language learners and teachers with their materials, with the language and the culture, and with each other in active, creative and productive play.