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Idioms, the most difficult and entertaining element of the lively living international language that is English today.

The two-page format of each lesson has four sections.

Section A:

A short lively conversation sprinkled with ten idioms. The topics include a variety of situations and people: college roommates, business associates, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, factory workers, family members, office workers. The language is colloquial and authentic. The tones of the conversations include neighborly chats, gossip, irreverence, complaint, friendly and not so friendly advice.

Section B:

The same ten idioms are repeated in the context of emails, journal entries, memos, letters, and notes. The idiom is gapped.

Section C:

A matching exercise in which the idioms are matched with a brief definition. The contexts of the preceding two sections help establish the meaning for the learner.

Section D:

The learners are now asked to use the idioms by rewriting sentences, replacing words and phrases with the appropriate idiom.

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Pages: 218
Languages: English
ISBN: 9780866473958
Author: Hal and Elizabeth Niergarth
Publisher: Pro Lingua
Place Of Publication: United States
Published: 11 Oct 2016
About Author
  • Hal and Elizabeth Niergarth
    Hal and Elizabeth Niergarth
    Hal Niergarth was a contributing lexicographer/editor on several Merriam-Webster dictionaries. He also contributed to A Dictionary of Idioms for the Deaf. He taught freshman English, ESL grammar & writing, and was an ESL tutor for Dow Chemical business professionals( non-native English speakers) in advanced English grammar and English idioms. He earned an MA in ESL (Univ. of Massachusetts) and a BA in Russian (Univ. of Michigan) and took graduate courses in linguistics. Elizabeth Niergarth, who helped with the research for The Idiom Book, was a contributor to Merriam Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary, and taught ESL in public schools, SVSU, SIT, and Harvard University.
About Publisher
  • Pro Lingua
    Pro Lingua is a small publishing company located in Brattleboro, Vermont. We dedicate ourselves to producing superior language teaching materials. We sell our books directly to teachers and schools and through all bookstores and major distributors in the United States and overseas. Our full catalogue of materials is also available here in our website bookstore at www.ProLinguaAssociates.com. A bit of philosophy: At Pro Lingua, our objective is to foster an approach to learning and teaching which we call Interplay, the interaction of language learners and teachers with their materials, with the language and the culture, and with each other in active, creative and productive play.