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Interactive eBooks may be accessed on mobile devices using our reader app. Download the app and gain access to all your rented or purchased books. When a book is downloaded to a device, it can be used offline, with all features intact (audio, video, and so on). This sample video shows access using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone.

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For help in setting up a (free) Flexitome account, you can refer to this PDF.

Flexitome is our bookstore/platform, which houses your books, and keeps everything together for you (keycodes, access to download versions, if applicable, and so on). If you are ever stuck and unsure where to go, click the Flexitome logo at the top-left of the page, and it will bring you back to the Index page (if not logged in), or take you back to My Bookshelf (if logged in).

All books you have either rented or purchased will be shown on My Bookshelf, when you are logged in.

Interactive eBooks will show a READ button and Track Activity button. The READ button takes you into your book. Track Activity will show some simple analytics with regards to that book (what pages you have viewed, videos watched and so on).

Interactive eBooks

Interactive eBooks This live-text format allows for individual words to be manipulated, which is great for search, highlighting words, and such. Teacher resource and methodology books are best done in this format, because these features are of primary importance for research, note-taking and so on. These features can be important for study as well, but not in all cases.

These books are the most intuitive and easiest-to-use as there is no keycode to have to worry about. They are available both online and offline, however the offline portion of this requires the user to get online first, to go offline. There is a mobile app which allows your books to be downloaded onto that device, and the user is afforded full usage (audio, video, etc...) while offline. For more Mobile news, refer to that section below.

Interactive eBooks


We now offer full functionality on both iOS and Android mobile devices. There are links to the Google Play Store, and the iStore at the bottom of this page. Download the FlexiRead mobile app, and you will be able to carry your books wherever you go.

Please note that to log in, you will use the email address associated with your account as both the username and password.

When logged in, you will see your book covers on your bookshelf. The books are NOT downloaded to your device, until you choose to do so. If you wish to have the book available offline, tap the book cover and download the book to that device. This will download the entire book, with all media assets, allowing you to use it offline. If you wish to remove the book from your device, to free up valuable space on that device, do so knowing that you will NOT affect your Flexitome account, and that the book can be downloaded to this device again, or to another device. It will always be your choice. As long as you have a valid account, you can enjoy your books as you wish. If renting books, access is only permitted during the rental period.