A Word about ePubs

The EPUB (ePub) standard has become the most widely-used standard for ebooks, and it is good that a global standard is being set. But don't be fooled that what is best for novels and text-heavy publications is also the ideal format for educational books, with complex page formatting, audio, video and testing which benefits from being scored and tracked.

A key feature of EPUBs is the ability to have reflowable text (optimizing the text for the device being used). This is easy to do with text, but not with unique fonts (sizes and types), images, and videos. In trying to put the square peg of textbooks into the round hole of the EPUB format, there has been an attempt to deliver EPUBs as a fixed-layout format, which negates the true value of an EPUB.

If you are dealing with complex-layout books (which have images, charts, tables, bullet-points, different fonts), which may contain audio clips, videos, quizzes, cloze exercises, and so on, this is too much to ask of the EPUB format. There has to be a better way.

... and about PDFs

A PDF is a terrific, cross-platform document great for heavily-formatted offerings... which is terrible for selling. If you are offering a free product, PDF is the way to go. If you would like to secure the data and/or offer DRM (digital rights management) and interactivity, then it is not the ideal way of delivering a book.

We need to attend to the needs of all students (or users) in all countries. To that end, it is important to be able to deliver the features that each book may have. We believe that our Interactive eBooks compete favourably with anything out there, and is superior to most, if not all. But the game-changer is the addition of the Enhanced eBooks format. This gives us the ability to offer a solution for ALL possible scenarios. Learn more below (Enhanced eBooks section).

These books have the main features needed for education... audio, video, and quizzes. They also have "live text", which means that you can copy and paste a word/sentence, and which also allows us to offer such features a hilighting, a pen tool and comments.

Interactive ebooks work seamlessly with the apps, for offline use. However, there is no desktop (Win/Mac) option, because of the nature of these books.

Enhanced ebooks are created using a completely different publishing engine, which was designed specifically for textbooks. These books also employ the same basic features, including audio, video, and testing. Howewver, there are times which this format works better with the materials created by publishers. This is a fixed-format, page-faithful format. Interactive features are layered over the page. There are 2 ways to get these books: WebApp which is viewed from the Flexitome website, and a Local App which is downloaded to your device and works offline.

If you wish to set up your book for use offline, then you will need the keycode which was issued to you upon purchase. Check the Help files for more information about using that unique keycode. This format allows for an offline version (Win, Mac, Android) which requires a few seconds of internet connectivity to verify your purchase.

The LocalApp is the download of an Enhanced eBook onto your computer. Once you have activated your product you no longer need to be connected to the internet. If you are using a Win PC or a Mac, you can download the book onto your computer. This is a ZIP file, which needs to be opened and the files extracted. Because these books require a couple of steps to install onto your PC, it would be worth taking a look at the steps laid out in the Help files.

Our Interactive eBooks resemble other formats in that you can go online, get the book, and then take it offline. This is the way that many people will get their books, but it is a little hard to talk about being offline when you need to GET online to BE offline. When you are in an area with very unreliable internet connectivity, this can be much more difficult than expected. If you are a teacher in this area, with 30 students to have to set up, it is more than just troublesome. As educators ourselves, we see the irony. We can't profess to have "educational solutions" and yet tie the hands of many, many teachers in this world.

So, what's the solution? This is where our Enhanced eBooks come into play. These are what we refer to as a "true offline" solution. These books can be delivered in almost any way conceivable, from physical media such as a flash drive or CD/DVD, to a CAP device (Content Access Point), or even a download (if internet connectivity is available). If the product is locked and protected, then a few seconds of connectivity is required to unlock the book and make it accessible (this is a one-time procedure). These books still contain all features, including audio, video, testing and tracking (tracking of scores may or may not be dependent on internet connectivity). Yes, I did say "may not." We have solutions for that as well!

- Download the product onto your computer by clicking on either the 'WinEXE' or the 'Win/Mac' buttons. It is a good idea to Save the product somewhere on your computer where it is easily accessible, like your Desktop for example.

- After you have downloaded and saved the product to your computer, double-click on the book icon. If the book has been saved somewhere in your computer then you will need to locate the correct folder and double click the 'BookOnReader' file within the folder.

- The book opens but it is still in demonstration mode so only part of the book is accessible. We need to unlock your book with the Keycode you have received. Click 'OK'.

- If WebTracking is included with your product, click 'OK'.

- Next, click 'Help' on the navigation bar at the top.

- Click on the option that reads 'Activate Product'.

- Fill in the form with your name, email address and the Keycode you received after purchasing the product. Click 'Continue'.

- Click 'Submit'.

- Your book is now unlocked. Close the window.

- Your registration details appear. Click 'OK' and enjoy your book!

The Keycode is your unique code to access your product. You will need it to open, or Activate, your product for the first time on separate devices or computers. When entering your Keycode please ensure it is entered correctly. We recommend you copy and paste the Keycode directly into the form field.

The keycode will be bond to you, with the following 4 items:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • keycode

We do not use your email address for any purpose other than to verify who you are. Email addresses are a unique identifier as no two people in the world will have the same email address (yet two people may have the same name). The keycode is also unique to you.

When logging in, there is an option which states "Forgot password?" Click that and a recovery password will be sent to your email address.

Please ensure your first and last names are written in Roman alphabet characters and that your name is at least two characters long. Your email address should be at least eight characters long. To ensure your Keycode is inputted correctly, we recommend you copy and paste the Keycode directly into the Activation form field.

If you are activating your product for a second time on a different device or computer please make sure the product is not already open. You will need to close down the product fully before you can activate it again on a separate mobile device or computer. you must be sure that the information is entered the same as previously entered. This information will be checked (by our servers) against the previous activation. This also ensures that your unique keycode cannot be used by someone else.

Your product can be activated a maximum of 2 times. That means you can activate the product on 2 different computers (desktop and laptop) and your mobile devices. There is no limit to the mobile devices you can read your book on. If you have an iPad and a smart phone, you can use both. If you have an Android device next year, you can still use the book! You are not locked to one device. We suggest activating one computer (Local App) and keeping the extra activation for emergencies (ie. hard drive failure, new computer, etc…).

Log into your Flexitome account and go to your Bookshelf. Enhanced eBooks have 2 options: Read and View Attachments. Click on View Attachments to be taken to the product page for that book, and as a purchaser you will be given the option to download the book to your PC (Win/Mac) or Android device. Check the Help files for more information on how to handle these files.

All 3 links can be found at the bottom of the page (all pages) and when logged in, you will see a ? icon at the top of the page, which will take you to the Help files.

Yes. Tutorials have been made and will be updated in time. You can find links to these on the Help page.

Yes. There are different apps for Android. One is a reader app for Flexitome (coming at the end of June 2017), which allows you to access all Interactive eBooks, and download them on to your device.

The second Android app is a separate Android app for each book (Enhanced eBook). This app is locked and requires your unique keycode to unlock it.

Libraries, schools and database providers will appreciate this option. If full access s required along a fixed IP, that is now possible. This is a terrific solution to the "PDF-only database" which can be easily abused. You can find some more info here, Piron Subs, and enquire if you wish to learn more.