The Flexitome Education Management system

We are flexitome for a reason. Large, rich educational textbooks (tomes) delivered in a flexible way. There is no, single system in existence that can satisfy the needs of all students. This is why we went with two, working in conjunction. This isn´t easy, but neither is attending to student needs around the globe. Bring us your toughest problem, and we are confident we have a solution.

If you are a school interested in a number of books, for a number of students and prefer to pay via purchase order, contact us (address below, on the bottom left of the page) and let us know what you are looking for. The purchase can be made through us, or often through the publisher themselves. Whichever way, we are here to help, and bulk orders will include some discounting (varies by publisher).


We have developed our own mobile apps, to allow full access to our books, even when offline. We have ePub3 files, and proprietary files, for when the limits of an ePub are reached. We have to go beyond.


Looking for a few books, without the hassle of buying a complete series, or getting tools you will never use? No problem. Use this as a bookstore, but we will help you manage your books in one, neat spot.


For those in need of a full, learning management system, we have the platform for you. Unique to us is the ability to have this system online, or off. Plus, we score tests and quizzes from within the LMS (like everyone else) but also from those texts residing outside the LMS (now that´s special!).


Beyond the textbooks, readers and other materials we offer, we have a rich library of supplemental materials such as videos, worksheets and test banks, to support education.


Need more? Have a classroom to manage, but just one book for the class (for each student, of course)? We have simple management tools for social media, simple assessments, and so on.


If you have your own books to add, and to make interactive, then we have the system for that as well. Full DRM (digital rights management) which allows that content to remain protected. We have two tools, which cover all needs (which we have seen so far).

More than 500 books and tens of thousands of educational elements, fully searchable


Analytics is a buzzword these days, and we are happy to see the industry catching up. We have been at this since the late 1990´s. Getting results is important, but don´t disregard the books not built into an LMS… they can provide useful data for teachers. This, too, is what we do.


There is a wealth of textbooks and other resources from publishers large and small, with fantastic, vetted, properly created content. They should not be separate from the classroom or platform, but they should work together, with scores from a book returning straight into the LMS. That´s what we do.


We come from a teaching background, meaning we understand teachers. Every teacher preps their own materials for use in the classroom, and these can be very valuable assets. We welcome and support such actions, allowing teachers to upload videos, Word docs, audio, PDFs, spreadsheets and so on. Make this your own!



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